El Cruce Sobre El Niàgara

By Alonso Alegría Amézquita Directed by Victoria Collado Starring Eric Paterniani & George Riverón PREMIERE: THURSDAY, JULY 3, 2014 Performed in Spanish only. No English translation available. The great acrobat Blondín had built his fame on crossing Niagara Falls while wheeling a cart, crossing with stilts, and even making on omelet. He had gotten used to the praise from the on-lookers, until he met Carlo, a young scientist that begins to question the validity of Blondín’s spectacles. Carlo accuses him to be a fraud and Blondín takes this criticism to heart and is inspired to take the risk that he had yet to think of: crossing Niagara Falls with a man on his back. Blondín invites Carlo to join him in the act and both men must work together to achieve greatness or fall to their demise.

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