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They say about me...

Eric Paterniani Ravenna Edipo Re New York
Ravenna Notizie, June 14th 2016

“Eric is an advanced actor with a huge range,

one of most gifted and versatile I have seen.

His experience and sense of play are unparalleled.

A charming and insightful comedian, he can just as

powerfully switch to emotional and tragic depth.

It is a delight to watch.”


Jeff Tacaks







“Strong improviser with a wonderful

sense of humor and great sense of playing.

Willing to look silly and play the straight man when he needs.

That is a talent that not many possess:

allowing his partner to get the laughs and Eric supports the scene.



James Miles                                                                                                                    








“Stellar work.

His discipline, creativity and humor are a vital part of the team.”


Tracy Hazas                                                                                                             











“A true pleasure to work with. Excellent talent.

I see much success in his future.”


Maggie Reed




"Compelling to watch.”


Jacqueline Springfield



“This is definitely not his subject...”        

                                                                                  His French teacher













"What a please it was to work with some one

with his talent.”          

                                                                               David Vando












“His natural sense of humor and the unique way that he sees the world was such a great perspective.

A joy to watch.”  

                                                                          Sarah Koestner









““One of the things that impressed me about Eric was his delight for and hunger to work as an actor in any medium. I am grateful to have had the opportunity of being his teacher and director. And I wish him great success.”

                                                                       Lea Brandenburg



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